I am originally from western Wisconsin and attended the University of Notre Dame for my undergraduate degree where I studied economics, political science, and spanish.  

Following my undergraduate degree, I worked in the San Francisco area at a policy research consultancy before returning to Indiana for my PhD in economics at Indiana University in Bloomington.  Along the way, I've spent time interning at the International Monetary Fund, the MITRE Corporation, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

I am motivated in my research to using computational modeling and machine learning methods in order to quantitatively address causal and predictive questions.

You can learn more about my current and past research at the Research section of this website and additionally download my CV and/or Resume at the CV/Resume section for more information regarding my educational and employment background.

Outside of my research and work life, I enjoy triathlon training and learning about new places.  In my free time, I am also a hobbyist writer with a goal of publishing fiction someday.